Our Facilities


Port of Summerside facilities include the following:

  • An approach channel with a width of 80 metres and a depth of 6.7 metres
  • 1 – Marine Terminal – this terminal includes:
    • a wharf, which was updated with steel sheet piling (SSP) in 1951, and provides four (4) sections of berthing capacity as follows:
      • 187 m berth with a depth of 8.5 m
      • 183 m berth with a depth of 7.0 m
      • 91.5 m berth with a depth of 5.2 m
      • 66 m berth with a depth of 8.5 m
      • Please note that these depths may vary along the berth lengths, and we recommend that you contact the Harbour Master at 902-888-8856 for more details.

    • a transit shed comprised of 4,970 m2 of heated space
    • a Forklift Storage and Pallet Disinfection Building (418.5 m2)
  • 2 – Holman’s Wharf – a finger pier type steel sheet piling structure which was reconstructed in 1951.
  • 3 – Queen’s Wharf – an “L” shaped timber pile wharf structure originally constructed in 1961 with a closed face piling and a wave break on the east side of the structure. The original deck structure has been removed on approximately 50% of the length of the wharf. The remaining structure has been barricaded to vehicular traffic. The wharf is used primarily by the fishing community. The northeast corner of the facility is a steel sheet piling structure.
  • 4 – Marine Slip – provided as a public slipway for the recreational boating community
  • 5 – The HQ Property – in the heart of Downtown Summerside, overlooking the waterfront in close proximity to the Marine Terminal, and with ample parking available the HQ Property offers professional office space for lease.
  • 6 – Yacht Club Breakwater – this breakwater was constructed of Island sandstone and is used to provide protection for the marina.
  • Main Breakwater – This structure is approximately 963 metres in length. A lighthouse, managed by Fisheries and Oceans, is situated at the end of the breakwater; this lighthouse and the land upon which it is situated are not owned by the Corporation.

For more details, call the Harbour Master at 902-432-6531 (office) or 902-888-8856 (cell).